Years 10 – 13


22nd March 2024

SPOTLIGHT CAREERS: NEUROSCIENCE We were so lucky to be joined by the amazing Dr Eleanor Conole for this week’s talk. Eleanor reminded us that timelines are not as linear as they look and underlined the importance of embracing new opportunities that might be offered to you. Eleanor considered Medicine, achieved high academic grades, but decided…

Spotlight Careers: InvestIn

14th September 2022

InvestIN Education opened our Spotlight Careers Series Programme for this academic year with a fantastic presentation showcasing the wide range of career experiences they offer. Thornton is a partner school of InvestIN and students who take part in these courses find them to be helpful in terms of informing them about pathways and gaining hands…

Busting the Oxbridge Myths!

27th January 2021

Sian Bex, from Queens College Cambridge, gave our students from Years 10-13 a fantastic insight into life at Oxbridge. We heard about the benefits of the collegiate system and how it functions in terms of teaching as well as pastorally. It was amazing to hear that there are over 100 libraries at the university, so…