Extra Curricular

There are opportunities for students to have lessons in Music, Speech & Drama and Ballet with peripatetic staff.  The instruments currently available for study are shown below.  

LessonsCost Per Term*
Speech & Drama£110
Ballet Dancing£100
Violin from Year 1£225
Cello from Year 2£225
Flute from Year 2£225
Piano from Year 2£225
Drums from Year 3£225
Guitar/Bass Guitar from Year 3£225
Trumpet/French Horn from Year 3£225
Clarinet from Year 4£225
Saxophone from Year 4£225
Singing from Year 4£225
Oboe/Bassoon from Year 5£225

*Based on 10 lessons per term.  Please note the number of lessons will vary according to the length of term. 

There is a charge for hired instruments of £48 per term.  The charge of lessons is to be made in advance.  

All girls taking lessons on an orchestral instrument are encouraged to play in one of the Ensembles at school when they reach an appropriate standard.