Pre Reception Class

Aspirational Learning

At Thornton College we offer a Pre-Reception education full of wonder and excitement for girls aged 3 years old.  There is so much to see and get involved in at Thornton. The children soon develop a love of learning about the world around them.

Our Pre-Reception provides learning through fun play based activities.  Each day our Pre-Reception girls will do Maths and Literacy.  Literacy focuses on phonics, letters and sounds, through stories, poems, songs and nursery rhymes.  Girls will also start to do letter formation and engage in activities which will strengthen their fine motor skills. Girls will begin to read using blending and breakdown techniques through the ‘with you’ reading programme.

Our Pre-Reception class caters for individual needs and offers lots of differentiation within the activities to support and challenge those girls who are more able at this young age.  Ambitious targets are set with the intention of achieving all Early Years Learning goals by the end of their Reception class year.  It’s all about giving them the best possible start to achieve high expectations so that they exceed as they move through the school.

In addition to our core learning activities girls each week will:

  • Visit our school library to select a book for reading and listen to our Librarian read her story of the week!
  • Visit the Expressive Arts studio for dance.
  • Take part in a PE lesson in our Sports Hall or beautiful grounds.
  • Enjoy a dedicated Music lesson.
  • Explore our outside grounds including our forest school, nature trail and dipping pond!

We offer engaged learning enabling our youngest girls to think critically and take a risk.