UK Admission

The first step in the admissions procedure is to register your daughter with us.  If you have a British passport this is the procedure for you.  

Please email and we will send you our online registration form to complete.


Complete a registration form for your daughter and make a payment of £100 for the registration fee.  You will be asked for a copy of her birth certificate, passport, and the latest copy of her school reports.  


Your daughter’s application will then be considered, and she may be invited for a taster day visit and a meeting with the the Headteacher. 


If successful, your daughter will be offered a place and our admissions team will contact your daughter’s current school for a reference.  If you choose to accept this offer, you will be required to complete a Parent Contract & Acceptance Form and be required to pay an Admission Deposit (£500) to secure her place. 


Our Headteacher will send a welcome letter to you with all the details you will need for your daughter joining Thornton and for her first day.