Spotlight Careers: Change Manager

Posted: 8th May 2024

We regularly work with Aiimi, a fantastic company based in Milton Keynes, who have arranged site visits, workshops and skills sessions.

Today we were joined by Anja Smoljan, a Strategy Consultant whose work includes change management. Anja began by sharing her personal career journey, the challenges she has overcome and how ultimately they have made her stronger and now is someone who loves her professional life. Her parents were refugees from Bosnia, Anja loved History at school and her family encouraged her to study Law at Exeter University. She struggled with anxiety but went on to complete a Masters in Law. However, once in the workplace, quickly realised that the long hours required for corporate lawyers meant that she could not achieve the work/life balance which she needed. Having gone to a jobs fair, she joined a company in a business role, and this led to a role in managing people.

Anja had always enjoyed Psychology, and uses this knowledge, combined with her excellent communication skills, to put strategies in place to help Aiimi’s clients maximise the success of their organisation. This might involve changing their location, their work practices, their reporting structures or their mindset. Her background in Law has been useful to draw on in her role as Strategic Consultant and she is a huge advocate of embracing new opportunities

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