Posted: 22nd March 2024


We were so lucky to be joined by the amazing Dr Eleanor Conole for this week’s talk. Eleanor reminded us that timelines are not as linear as they look and underlined the importance of embracing new opportunities that might be offered to you.

Eleanor considered Medicine, achieved high academic grades, but decided on Neuroscience. When based in hospitals, she works alongside doctors, she completes research, has lots of patient contact on wards, yet is able to enjoy the work/life balance that medics are not. She held a number of part time jobs to support her studies, including Assistant Sleep Physiologist and Phlebotomist.

After graduating, she completed a Masters, and then a PhD in Neuroscience at Edinburgh University. Eleanor will shortly start a new role as a Fellow at LMH College, Oxford University, where she will teach and conduct research into Applied AI.

It was inspiring to hear about her journey so far and we look forward to hearing more about Eleanor’s new adventures at Oxford.

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