Can we pay the fees in instalments?

Yes.  You can set up a direct debit through a number of fee plan companies.  Please see our Fees page for more details.   

When can we come and have a look around?

You are very welcome on any day of the week.  To book a visit please email admissions@thorntoncollege.com or telephone 01280 812610.   Please see our Visit Us page for details.

How early do I need to register my daughter and are there waiting lists?

You are welcome to register your daughter at any time, although we would recommend the sooner the better.  Places are only offered after your daughter has had a day visit with us, or you have completed the virtual admission process.  

We admit girls throughout the year and if you are registered with us, we will inform you if the year group you are interested in is reaching capacity enabling you the opportunity to secure your place before any waiting list.

We do have waiting lists but the year groups reaching capacity vary year on year.  

Do we need to be a Catholic family to join?

We welcome families of all faiths and none.  Around 20% of our current student population are Catholic.  All are equally valued and all are equally important.  Thornton College is a Catholic school, and we are proud of our history and heritage, and we encourage strong core Christian values.

Is there an entrance exam?

No, Thornton is a non-selective school.  Pupils are offered a place if we feel that they can access the academic curriculum independently, do not require 1-1 support in every lesson and that we can offer an education that will fulfil their potential.  For more information, please read our Admissions Procedure.

How many students are there in the school, and what is the ratio of boarding to day girls?

We currently have just over 400 girls in the school, of which 60 are boarding students. Each year around 20 – 25 of our students are international who are termly boarders and join us for one year or as long term students for their GCSEs/A Levels.  The majority of our boarders are weekly and we have lots of families who make use of our flexi boarding offer.

How big are the classes?

Class sizes vary from year to year but are capped at 20 students in each class to ensure that we continue to provide excellence in teaching the individual.

Do you offer bursaries and scholarships?

Yes, we offer scholarships for entry into Year 7 and 12.  For more information please see our Scholarships page.  We do not offer bursaries at Thornton College.

Do you have late stay options?

We have Wraparound Care and Flexi-Boarding at an extra charge – please read our Wraparound Care page for more information.  

What are the uniform costs?

Brand new uniform including blazer, summer, winter and P.E kit will cost approximately £600.  We do have a ‘nearly new’ shop run by our Parents Association, of second hand, high quality laundered items that will offer alternative options.

How will you stretch my daughter?

As our class sizes are small, our teachers are able to get to know each girl, not only their interests and natural abilities but also how they learn best and access the curriculum.  This enables our teachers to ensure differentiation and challenge to stretch individual ability.  We do run a More Able and Talented Programme.

Is there bus transport?

Yes.  We run an extensive door to door bus network exclusively for Thornton girls.  Full details of pick-up points can be found on our Transport page.

What extra-curricular activities are available?

We offer over 60 different clubs and societies for the girls to join each week.  The majority of these are lunch time clubs but some do take place after school.  For individual lessons please see our Extra Curricular page for details on lessons such as Music, Speech & Drama and Ballet.