Provision of Information for Prospective Parents

In order to meet the Regulatory Requirements for Independent Schools, Thornton College, must let parents and prospective parents know how to access certain key items of information and policies. The following is a list of these items of information and policies and how they can be accessed. All the information listed below can be forwarded upon request and can also be made available at the School. No charge will be made for the provision of such information.

1. School address, telephone number and name of the Head Teacher – Contact Us

2. Name and Address for Correspondence of the Chair of Governors

3. Thornton College’s Ethos and Aims

4. Details of Thornton’s academic performance in examinations are available here

5. School Staff: Thornton College Staff

Inspection Reports

The School’s Inspection Reports are available here


All our main policies are available here

Data Protection

Our Privacy Policy is available here