Thornton College outside


National Winning Streak for Students

15th December 2023

Students at Thornton College have recently won a number of significant national and regional competitions across a range of subject areas and age groups – from winning the Music for Youth Nationals and singing at the Royal Albert Hall to winning the National Bebras Computational Challenge, Thornton students are definitely on a winning streak! Most…

Girls set new Swimathon Record

7th March 2022

Thornton College students participate in the MK Rotary Swimathon each year and on 26th February 2022 five teams, a total of 24 students from across the school in Years 6 – 13 took part in the 28th Swimathon. All of the girls have collected sponsorship and are now busy collecting donations for MK Rotary chosen…

Green Club’s Crumbles

6th October 2020

Green Club for girls in years 3 and 4 got off to a flying start this term when members collected apples from the Thornton orchard and took them to the kitchen. As a very tasty reward for their endeavours, Mr Wheatley, Thornton’s Executive Chef, baked an apple crumble for each girl to take home and…