Student Testimonial: Alana

Posted: 23rd April 2024

My name is Alana. I’m currently studying in Sixth Form. I’m going to share with you my journey so far at Thornton.

I distinctly remember my first day at Thornton ten years ago.

I was just seven years old feeling half nervous half excited, but mostly optimistic.

Soon after I was welcomed into the school, it wasn’t long before I found myself running around somewhat hap-hazardly with new friends within the first two hours of being there.

There was a palpable sense of familiarity, even on my first day. I felt this immediate sense of belonging that left me feeling as if I had spent a thousand break times at Thornton already. But most memorably, I recall being told by one of the girls in the year above that there were fairies in the trees of Thornton and me being an awestruck seven year old I believed every word she said. So of course, I decided I just had to go to the school with the fairies. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since then, Thornton has helped me to see the true value in learning and discovering my own interests. From art lessons that helped me see a more creative approach to expressing opinions and emotions, to Religious studies lessons that changed my perception of the world. The many inspiring and insightful lessons I have attended at Thornton have led me to conclude that it is possible to find a means of expression and truth in all subjects, whether it be through the logic in biology or the infinite messages and lessons we can find in writing. I went from puzzling over spelling and grammar to getting GCSE results that I could be proud of.

Ultimately, Thornton has helped me to decide which subjects I felt most passionate about. From library lessons that helped me find enjoyment in reading rather than seeing it as a chore, to experiments in the labs that never failed to enhance my interest in the sciences, resulting in me taking English literature, psychology and biology at A level.

Throughout my most recent years at Thornton, I have found careers advice to be invaluable, due to its focus on the individual, placing emphasis on finding fulfilment in whatever we choose to do beyond school. The personal approach to careers advice has enabled me to develop my aspirations of studying clinical psychology, allowing me to pursue my goals.

Thornton has been the backbone to my life over the years. Supporting me not only academically but also by creating a secure and connected community. Here I have been able to build my confidence as well as discover who I am beyond just my name by emphasising values such as compassion, service and resilience. Therefore, it is clear to me that Thornton has played a huge part in making me who I am today.

Although I may not be able to confirm the existence of fairies in the school grounds, what I can conclude is that there is a certain kind of magic in Thornton that is present in the way everyone supports one another and strives to embody the true ethos of the school.

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