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Unilever Workshop

Posted: 27th February 2023

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We are always keen to explore different ways of linking careers with the teaching curriculum, and were thrilled to welcome Heather and Pete, who work for Ben and Jerry’s Icecream at Unilever, to work with our Year 7, 8 and 9s.

Students had to work in teams to create an innovative ice cream flavour with a link to a social mission. Thornton students came up with some amazing ideas, including designing the art work for the packaging. Heather and Pete commented that usually students find the social mission aspect of the task challenging and were hugely impressed with the wide ranging array of social causes and charities that our girls linked  to their ice cream. Compassion, empathy, a sense of community and caring for others are attributes we value highly and instil in our students, so it was wonderful to see the concepts they created. Many groups used their social mission as their start point and (apologies for the pun!) below is just a flavour of their creations:

Year 7:
Bee Kind: a natural ice cream with honey comb chunks to save bees and raise social awareness
Cookie Rumble: a cheesecake, brownie, cookie base with melted marshmallow, to raise awareness about the impact of the Earthquake in Syria
Justice for Joy: a ruby chocolate ice cream with milk chocolate thorns and hearts to highlight the plight of children of war
The Muddy Monster: brownie and cookie dough cream to save wild and abused horses from slaughter

Year 8:
Royal Ripple: a red velvet ripple cheesecake ice cream to raise money for sanitary products and healthcare for women
Yellow Double Mix: a Hong Kong recipe based on Yin Yeung, with condensed milk chunks and black sugar sauce, to raise awareness for HK university students to have political freedom
Rainbow Rush: a mix of different flavours to support several campaigns, including LGBTQ+
Sweet Ukraine: Blue raspberry and vanilla with popping candy chunks to highlight the war in Ukraine

Year 9:
Gooey Goodness: a s’more flavour with marshmallow and cookie chunks to encourage outdoor living and camping, with proceeds going to the National Trust and Scout movement
Love in a Tub: gingerbread flavour with candied ginger chunks and cinnamon swirls. to support the Love in a Box charity at Christmas
Turkish Treats: Vanilla and cherry ice cream with turkish delight chunks to support victims of the Turkish Earthquake
Royal Ice: a buttercream icing flavour cream with honeycomb crown and blue, red and white swirls to celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth II


Ben and Jerry’s aim to advance human rights and dignity, support social and economic justice for historically marginalised communities, and protect and restore the Earth’s natural systems. Not only was it fantastic to see our students working independently, collaboratively and creatively, but also demonstrating these values and aspirations.

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