Posted: 8th February 2023

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Phee Jones gave our students a whistle-stop tour around the huge number of fantastic courses on offer at the University for the Creative Arts.

A wealth of degree courses are taught across three campuses, Epsom, Farnham and Canterbury, and a film studio in Maidstone.

Degrees include: Design for Theatre and Screen, Photo and Digital Journalism, Ceramics and Glass, Automotive and Transport Design, Events and Festivals Management and Fashion Design.

Many academics also work in their respective industries, creating strong links with employers and there is collaboration across the courses, to prepare students for the workplace.

Phee emphasised how one of their goals is to provide an immersive experience, allowing each student to find themselves as a person and, later in the day, returned to deliver a fabulous workshop for our senior students on how to create impactful portfolios.

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