Spotlight Careers – Nick Jones

Posted: 30th March 2022

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York University offer a fantastic degree in Film and Television Production, and we were delighted that Nick Jones, a Lecturer and Admissions Tutor for the Programme, joined us to tell us more about what the course entails, career pathways afterwards and what skills and experience Admissions Tutors are looking for.

This BSc course offers a balance between practical training in both single camera (film) and multi camera (television), the theory, history and research of film and television and technical and scientific aspects relating to the use of cameras and sound.

It was interesting to learn that Film and Media at A level are not prerequisites and they accept students with both A levels and BTECs in a wide range of subjects. Whilst Admissions Tutors look for evidence of collaboration and time management, the main attribute students need in order to access and succeed on this course is enthusiasm!

Nick emphasised the importance of demonstrating your passion for film and television and gave some great tips about how to keep up with current trends.

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