Girl Power: VW STEM Workshop

Posted: 10th November 2020

car designs

We are hugely grateful to Volkswagen, who delivered a brilliant live workshop via Zoom to Year 7 and 8 students on 10th October.

Each group was given a task brief to design an electric vehicle for a target customer. The students had to meet specific criteria when creating their vehicles, for working professionals, self employed electricians, a young couple and a family.

We were extremely proud of the girls as they all came up with individual and creative designs with highly original features. These included ‘dinomobiles’ with massage seats, iPads built into seats, designated areas for pop up cup cakes and built in food and water bowls for dogs!

The girls presented their designs to their peers in the sports hall and the VW team live zia Zoom.

The delegates from VW told us that the current Volkswagen workforce is 40% female. Judging by our girls? enthusiasm, we look forward to changing this in our favour!

Categories: Careers Years 7-8