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Posted: 16th March 2021

MKU student app

A group of Thornton Year 10 students met with staff from Cranfield University for our second MK:U Consultation initiative.

The session was divided into several parts, the first being a presentation on the design plans for the refurbishment of Bouverie House, which will be the location for the MK:U Pilot Test. Students were shown architect?s drawings and 2D and 3D design plans of the three floors, which included interactive work and social spaces. Our students fed back comments and will be sent a copy of the presentation to reflect further.

Students then took part in a brain storming session, led by Julia Symonds, Business Systems Analyst, who is responsible for creating a new student app. Thornton pupils had some excellent ideas about what should be included in the app: maps; timetables; university events; local events; reminders; tasks and travel updates were just a few.

Tracy Flynn, Head of Projects and Development closed the session with a career map illustrating her pathway. She highlighted the challenges of working in a male dominated sector such as construction but emphasised all the great qualities that women can bring to leadership. Men tend to think leadership is about dominating, whereas the mark of a great leader is one who can listen.

Our partnership with MK:U is a fantastic opportunity for Thornton students to work collaboratively with a highly respected post graduate university who are setting up a brand new project. The academic and soft skills gained will be invaluable for our students to evidence on c/vs, UCAS personal statements and job application forms.

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