Story Read Live from Canada Over Zoom

Posted: 22nd January 2024

Girls in our Pre-Prep had an amazing experience on Monday 15th January when they were read a story, live, from Canada over Zoom.

Sam Bird, the daughter of Thornton’s Deputy EYFS Manager Mrs Bird, read the girls a story ‘Good Night Ski Mountain’ from her Snowcat machine while sitting near the top of the snow-covered mountain. Sam answered some questions “Why is the machine so big?”, “What does it do?”, “Why does the machine have lights!”, “Are there any animals on the mountain?” Sam then gave the girls a tour of the Snowcat explaining how it works before driving it up the mountain, allowing the girls to see what happens to the snow, along with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view at 3:00am Canadian time.

Sam learnt to ski at the Snozone in Milton Keynes and, when she was old enough, worked there for several years, before heading to Austria for their winter ski season. She spent several winters in Austria as a ski instructor before deciding that Canada was going to be her next adventure. Sam moved to Canada in 2016, initially as a ski instructor to teach young children and now also drives the Snowcat machine which she absolutely loves. Life in Canada with the snow, the mountains, the lakes are all the things that keep her there.

What a cool (cold!) experience for the girls and for Sam too.

We are extremely grateful to Sam for getting up so early to be sat, ready in her Snowcat to read the story at 3:00 am!

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