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Posted: 11th September 2023


Safia Malik, from InvestIN Education, showcased an amazing array of insight days, summer experiences and online programmes to our students from Years 9-13. InvestIn offer something for everyone across a range of careers, including Film Making; Journalism; Artist; Entrepreneur; Medicine; Engineering; Veterinary Science. They give students the opportunity to find out more, gain hands on experience and discover whether this is really the right pathway for them. Safia emphasised that by identifying that a career might not suit a student is a positive step and sometimes leads to other avenues not previously considered.

Thornton is a partner school of InvestIN, and for students wishing to enrol, courses can be booked at using our personalised discount code: THORNTON COLLEGE. These courses can run alongside the 1:1 bespoke careers advice we give to Year 10s upwards and the range of different events and workshops we offer, which are regularly updated on the Careers Calendar on Firefly.

This was a fantastic talk to open this year’s Spotlight Careers Programme!

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