Spotlight Careers: Sam Naylor

Posted: 11th May 2022

Sam Naylor

As part of our Spotlight Careers series we were delighted to get insight into the world of advertising from Sam Naylor.

Sam’s passion at school was Art and he read Architecture at university. Whilst it gave him some great transferrable skills, it made him realise that he didn’t want a career in Architecture. He now works for advertising agency Lucky Generals in London and loves the creative vibe of the industry.

Communication is a key attribute for his role, as he regularly meets clients to understand their goals for their brand. Sam explained the different platforms open to clients, including the targeted placements on social media.

He thrives in a team environment and showcased how supportive his team are and how he and several of his colleagues have dyslexia. Recent studies have found that there is a thriving dyslexic community within advertising who often bring enhanced creativity and unusual ways of thinking.

We are grateful to Sam for sharing his experiences with us before a busy day of meetings!

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