School Trip

Year 2 went to Hanson Environmental Centre to support the learning of  the Science topic ‘Animals and Plants in the local area’. 

Mrs Mathieson tell su about their trip:

We had a wonderful day.  First of all we had a slide show about the animal and plants we would find in the two chosen habits, the meadow and the pond. After a short break, we went out into the meadow and we did a plant survey.  I was very impressed by how quickly the children identified the small plants and how they managed to remember some very tricky plant names. 


Then we went into the woods and we acted out  a story about a mother duck and her ducklings.  The drama illustrated the Food Chain and the lesson was learnt in a most enjoyeable way.  



After lunch we  went pond dipping, which as you can imagine caused a great deal of excitement!  We were reminded at all times to treat the  creatures  we had found with great care, and  that we must return them safely to their habitats.  When we went back into the Centre we looked at the creatures under  magnifying glasses, and identified them using the picture sheet.  The children learnt a great deal about habitats and now we look forward to following up these activities in the classroom. 


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