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Thornton is always a busy place but today the school was bursting with activity, in spite of the freezing temperatures!

To celebrate World Book Day girls came to school dressed as their favourite book character. Thornton has never seen so many Harry Potters, Alice in Wonderlands and Mad Hatters in the same place at the same time.

As it was also St David’s Day, wearing anything connected with Wales was more than acceptable as an alternative. Cue daffodils, leaks and dragons!

Girls in Reception Class to Year 6 enjoyed listening to adults read to them in small groups and it was books, books everywhere, particularly in the main hall where a book sale took place at break and lunchtime as part of Tyrell House’s charity fundraising day.

School staff were encouraged to dress up for the occasion too, with heroes and villains being a popular choice with teachers. We had Batman, Batwoman, The Incredible Hulk and Cruella de Vil, in addition to more traditional book characters.

Everyone really entered into the spirit of World Book Day and enjoyed the pleasure of reading or listening to someone read. At the end of the day, three students in the younger age group and three in the senior school were awarded a £5 book token for the most imaginative or adventurous costume.

There is a photo gallery of the day's activities HERE.

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