Year 3 projects

Traditional methods of building Roman roads were put to the test, when Year 3 girls built their versions as part of an English project.

Instead of using earth, gravel, sand, cement and stones, the girls opted for alternative materials; digestive biscuits, cold custard, Smarties, Maltesers and custard creams.

After reading detailed instructions on how to make their Roman roads, the girls were put into small groups of four.

Having collecting the ingredients and a plastic tray, the girls followed the instructions by crushing the digestive biscuits and sprinkling them across the bottom of the tray, mixing together the Maltesers and half of the custard before pouring the mixture over the crushed biscuits. The next step was to mix the remaining custard with Smarties and pour that mixture onto the previous layer. The final task was to place the custard creams carefully beside each other to create a top layer.

The exercise ensured the girls followed clear instructions, working as a team, and gave them an understanding of how the Romans built their roads with very specific materials, layering them in a consistent manner.

Unlike the real thing, the girls’ roads won’t be around for centuries but they were far yummier and had a fantastic smell too.

There is a photo album of the girls making their Roman roads HERE

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