Academic Sixth Form

On Monday 5th February, Year 13 psychologists visited the Psychology department at the University of Buckingham. 

The day started with a tour of the University, followed by a lecture by Hannah Murphy on Forensic Psychology – covering the topic of criminal violence. We then took part in a discussion with current undergraduate Psychology students about the serial killers they had chosen for their case studies and how the explanations we looked at in the lecture could apply to each case study.

We had lunch with some current undergraduate students, discussing university life in general, and choices available to us. This was followed by a tutorial session by Doctor Emily Doe, in which we discussed an article about successful psychopaths and their traits. This gave us time to discuss our thoughts and views on the article and gave us a wider understanding of psychopathology in general. We learned a lot from the day, including cases that apply to our current A-level Criminal Psychology topic, and we also gained a greater understanding about university life in general.

By Lucy, Olivia, Hannah and Lauren – Year 13 

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