Prep Yrs 3 & 4 Prep School

Girls in Year 3 and Year 4 enjoyed a fantastic ‘Roman Day’ on Tuesday 6th February.

Students and teachers dressed in their finest Roman gowns for a stunning fashion show, and there was no doubt Marius Quantus would have been very impressed had she attended. The girls learned about how styles of Roman dress and specific colours worn reflected their status, with purple, for example,  being restricted to the most privileged and powerful.

At lunchtime, our wonderful catering team themed the girls’ dining tables with bowls of fruit, laurel leaves and Roman helmets. All the trimmings for a befitting feast.

In the afternoon a Centurion from the local garrison talked to the girls about life in the Roman army. They learned about what Roman soldiers ate, how the ranks were structured, how they were disciplined and punished, and how much they earned.

Before training on the ‘battlefield’ the girls made Roman-style mosaics and completed the shields they had been making in class, with colourful, striking designs to impress and intimidate a potential enemy.

After authentic and expert drills from the Centurion, Legio Thorntonia III and IV marched with pride. An impressive spectacle for those who were fortunate to witness the girls’ timing and enthusiasm.

With rumours abound that Thorntonia was about to be attacked, our legion learned how the Romans could adapt their marching to a defensive formation, to ensure the Quad would not be taken.

All hail our brave Legio!


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