Co-curricular All Seniors

Students in the Senior School enjoyed a fantastic series of STEAM activities on Wednesday 31st January.

During the afternoon, all Year 9s took part in a ‘People Like Me’ session, which was run by Network Rail. This is a revolutionary approach to engaging girls with careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It uses the natural tendency of girls to articulate their self identify using adjectives to show them the huge variety of different careers that are available. These include Project Managers, HR Consultants, Weather Analysts and Planning Assistants, in addition to Engineers, Technicians and Designers. The programme emphasises creativity as a key component of success in Engineering. It was a lively, engaging afternoon and gave the Year 9s food for thought as they decide on their GCSE options.

This, our third major STEAM event, was opened by key note speaker Professor Gareth Neighbour, Head of Engineering at Birmingham City University. We were delighted to welcome students from local schools in Buckingham, Waddesdon and Stowe. One of Professor Neighbour’s passions is History and it was fascinating to hear how his study and career path unfolded as he combined his love of History with an interest in Science. He believes that young people wanting to study engineering need to see tangible examples of how it affects our everyday lives. Students were given this opportunity as they went on to take part in two practical workshops, the first being run by Dan Carpenter from Sahara Force India. Groups of six worked on assembling parts to complete a F1 car and were impressed by Dan’s expertise and stories on the inside track of F1! A further group worked with experts from Network Rail to design a prototype level crossing out of Lego. This required effective teamwork and communication skills, as each group assumed responsibility for design, safety and cost. 

Seminars continued to take place in the Expressive Arts Studio, where graduates and apprentices from Transport for London, Siemens and Tiro Racing talked about their own career paths and what influenced their decision making. It was interesting to learn more about the different routes there are to achieving a meaningful career. Apprentices from Tiro Racing demonstrated their own F1 car design, which was an explosive way to end an engaging and inspiring evening. 

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