Year 5 School Trip

Year 5 visited Sulgrave Manor  on Thursday - a hands-on and rather exciting way to help link the work they are doing in both English and CLIL.

In Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) they are learning about the Tudors and in English about non chronological report writing.  Our ambitious teachers want to tie the two together so that the girls create their own non-fiction books with the information they have learnt. This trip was just the ticket to help them along the way.

Sulgrave Manor is a Tudor and Georgian house built by direct ancestors of George Washington, the first President of the United States.

The girls enjoyed learning so much about the Tudors and the manor house. They dressed in clothes from the era, wrote with quills and ink, learnt what food people ate and how it was prepared, played traditional games, toured rooms in the manor and much more.

Whilst it was great fun to wear period costumes during the trip, the girls were more than happy to return to Thornton in their uniforms!

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