Year 12 Sixth Form

On Monday 11th December the inaugural Thorntonian Society, our specialist Year 12 group for aspiring Oxbridge students travelled to the Royal Latin School for a joint group with their own aspiring Oxbridge candidates for a healthy debate.

Having introduced themselves, the Thornton Girls (Maya J - mathematician ‘I love numbers and puzzles’, Anastasia L - chemist ‘I love the fact that I can ask big Why? Questions and receive answers I can explore more’, Ingrid P - Theologian ‘The big questions of life and everything are debated’ and Jodie W - Historian ‘You get to question everything and see the reason behind who we are’) heard that the question Mrs Coates wanted them to debate was deep and meaningful; ‘Which is better red or blue?!’

Our girls joined a group of three RLS boys and quickly established the order of their debate. Presenting on why Red is best Maya J, supported by an RLS boy held their own against some pretty stiff questioning. Not to be left out,our other girls quickly joined in with further questions, comments and answers. It was good to see our girls listening before replying to comments made.

At the end we looked at ‘What do we mean by best?’ and quickly realised that best is really down to individuals point of view! The staff then linked the process to competitive interviews and we left looking forward to inviting the RLS boys to Thornton next term. The Thorntonian Society will meet regularly, supported by Mrs Coates and Mr George, to help our girls deepen their thinking and prepare them for the Oxbridge process

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