Year 8 Misc

Year 8s become crime scene investigators to uncover a foul most deadly.

Senior students arrived at school to the breaking news that Mrs Storey was no longer head of Thornton College. In the cruellest of acts, one of her very own members of staff had plotted her demise with precision and she now lay poisoned – and quite dead – upstairs in the Sixth Form.

What could the Year 8s do to find the perpetrator? With the help of the school’s scientists, could they put their forensic skills to good use and, by a process of elimination, solve the murder?

The CSI day began with video footage of the six chief suspects and their particular gripes with Thornton’s Head. Did Mr Bowman’s dislike of early morning meetings lead him to end the life of the person who had instigated them? Had Mr George cooked up a devilish toxin after being told off by Mrs Storey for trying to blow up the Chemistry lab (again)?

Or could Mrs Gabriel, Mrs White, Miss Melluish or Mrs Holliday have performed the ‘acte fatale’ because of unresolved disagreements with the boss?

The students’ job was to whittle away at the evidence – a rogue fingerprint, a poison pen letter, fibres from a jumper – and figure out the culprit. Over the course of the day, they ran chromatography tests to determine which pen had been used to write the murder letter. They examined fibre samples and they looked at fingerprints to decide which of the six suspects had touched Mrs Storey’s keyboard. The girls also identified the toxins found in Mrs Storey’s bloodstream and used their forensic knowledge to see which of the suspects may have been in contact with these chemicals.  

If all paths led in the same direction, they had their man – or perhaps that should be woman..?

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