Reception class prepares for a fairy tale party.

Throughout the week, the girls in Reception have been making grand plans for a fabulous party to end their princess-themed Activities Week on a high. From day one, they’ve been hard at work making lots of accessories and props for the big day.

Monday saw the girls combine their talents to create a fabulous castle in the role-play corner of their classroom, complete with turrets and heavy doors. They also made and painted a dragon’s lair from a huge cardboard box.

Other hands-on activities saw them decorate goblets with precious stones, sew pennants, make and ice crown-shaped biscuits, design princess shoes, and decorate paper plates to make them look like golden coaches.  

A trip into the woodlands area of the school grounds also produced exactly the right type of sticks from which to fashion beautiful wands.

As the time of the party drew near, the girls made their own sandwiches, donned their princess dresses and hats and waited patiently for their guests of honour to arrive for a feast fit for any Thornton queen-in-the-making.


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