Year 12 School Trip

A Level students carry out Geography fieldwork.

On 3rd July we arrived in school ready and packed for the four-hour journey to Swanage. We arrived at Leeson House Field Study Centre in time to start our first activity. That afternoon we visited Studland Bay to measure sand dunes; we then drew profiles of them and assessed their progression. This was really rewarding as we were able to work in teams and explore new habitats. The weather was warmer than we expected and after assessing sand dunes we went for a paddle in the sea (even Isobel who hates sand).

On the second day we travelled to Boscombe to carry out an urban investigation. This proved very shocking as we learnt that the male life expectancy in Boscombe is 10 years less than that of a man living in Bournemouth. This was beneficial in learning a wider range of investigational skills. We even had time to squeeze in a Mr Whippy ice-cream!

In the afternoon, we took a scenic walk to Old Harry Rocks; it was long and hot but the breath-taking views made it all worthwhile. It also gave us greater understanding of cliff structure and erosion. We had an evening class, during which we went through statistical analysis and secondary data.

The next day we worked on the water cycle and learnt about flood defences. We visited Swanage to look at the different types of flooding defences and had time to fit in some fish and chips on the beach which was a treat!

The overall trip was a wonderful experience and we were able to start our A Level coursework with an even greater understanding of different geographical studies and enjoy ourselves at the same time! Special thanks to Mr Coltman and Ms Quainton for accompanying us on this trip.

Report by Abi B (Year 12)


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