Misc Year 10

Year 10s take control of their levels of happiness and wellbeing.  

Some of Thornton’s Seniors have been learning new techniques to manage their mental health and keep a check on anxiety trigger points in a special session with a mindfulness teacher.

Jenny Robinson, who holds a Masters degree in mindfulness-based approaches, came to Thornton to hold an enlightening workshop in the school’s walled garden. Over the course of an afternoon, she guided the girls through a series of exercises to help them to take control of their feelings and to explore different ways in which they could release certain chemicals in their bodies to make them feel good.

Roaring like a lion, for example, made them laugh, which led to a release of dopamine and oxytocin into their bloodstreams. Turning their faces to the sun with their eyes closed, connecting with as many different people in as many ways as possible and carrying out very simple forms of meditation such as a body scan could also give them happy moments and greater fulfilment in their progression through life.


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