Year 7

Year 7s grabs their paints and easels to assess and emulate France’s most-treasured artists.

During a procession of French-themed activities during a week off-timetable, Thornton’s Modern Languages department has been giving Year 7s a little more insight into the country’s culture.

In one hands-on challenge, the girls examined and discussed surrealism, impressionism and the fauvism movement and the defining characteristics of each distinctive style of painting. The next step was to look at Monet, Matisse and Magritte, examine their different styles and work collaboratively to match a selection of paintings to their rightful artist using their newly-acquired knowledge.

In another group task, the students looked at a Monet picture and divided it into 16 squares. Each member of the class copied the images, brush strokes and colours as accurately as they could in their particular square, ready to piece the ‘jigsaw’ back together again to produce their very own impressionist masterpiece.



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