School Event General

Zookeeper visits Thornton with some very special mini-beast companions.

It was a pleasure to welcome The Animal Experience into school at the beginning of Activities Week to give our students the educational opportunity to not only learn about rare and endangered creatures but to see them at the closest of quarters.

Mr Price, who runs a small zoo in Cambridgeshire, invited Year 8s and Nursery and Reception children to say how ‘do you do’ to a variety of small exotic creatures, ranging from a hand-reared 14-week-old meerkat named Bumper to a chameleon called Albert.

During the day, he talked about the animals’ characteristics and natural environments as well as their unique adaptations that have allowed them to survive. He also encouraged his eager audience to touch and hold the likes of a blue tongue lizard and a barn owl.

The highlight for many, though, was the exciting offer to wrap a 20-year-old royal python called Charlie around their necks – which almost all the girls accepted.


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