Year 7 projects

Year 7s give the school’s exteriors a fresh look with outdoor decorations.

Thorough research on garden design and landscaping ideas has been instrumental to the Year 7 students’ work in their Design and Technology classes over the past few weeks. After looking at decorative ornaments and creating mood boards to showcase the images and colours and styles that most appealed to them, the girls worked on producing their own garden decorations from scratch.  

They created paper templates of various birds, animals and flowers and used them as guidance to replicate the shapes on to exterior plywood.

After cutting the wood by hand, they embellished their pieces by hammering nails into the surface, drilling holes and filling them with beads, or giving their design a coloured wash or a distinctive tinge with a wood burning tool.

All that was then left to do was to attach a steel rod to their finished products and find the pretty decorations a place to shine in the school grounds or their gardens at home.

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