Misc Year 4

Food preparation and healthy eating on the Year 4 agenda.

Year 4 students have now come to the end of their lessons about the provenance of food and the importance of a sustainable and balanced diet.

Over the course of this academic year, they have participated in four hour-long sessions with the school’s catering company, Harrisons, as part of a nationwide initiative.

This week, Mr Wheatley talked to the girls about the importance of including lots of fresh fruit in their daily five-a-day. He went on to introduce them to the different (and safe) ways of cutting fruit and vegetables and they demonstrated how well they had been listening by chopping strawberries, grapes, plums and three types of melon using both the claw and the tunnel methods. The ingredients they put together to make a delicious fruit salad, ready to eat on the spot.

The plan is for the Prep School to continue their catering lessons in the next academic year as they continue to foster links with the catering staff within school and widen their food choices.


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