Misc Year 12

Sixth Formers take time out for a half-day retreat.

We welcomed Milton Keynes Bridgebuilder Trust into school to talk to Year 12s about the importance of dedicating more time to reflection and the benefits of taking a pause from the busyness of everyday life and study.

Over the course of an afternoon, the girls moved quietly between reflective stations, each with a different theme and activity. Some of the interactive displays encouraged students to be calm and still for a moment, while others invited them to celebrate their uniqueness, to let go of negative emotions, or to think about the help they may be able to offer a family member or close friend.

After visiting the various stations set up in the Sixth Form, the girls discussed what they had learnt or realised and whether they were surprised by any thoughts that surfaced while participating in the activities.

They appreciated, they added, the tranquil nature and interactivity of the exercise and how it gave them the chance to relax and helped them consider various coping mechanisms to deal with pressure.

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