Academic Year 7

Year 7s take receipt of a pocket-sized codeable computer.

In 2016, Thornton College was one of many educational establishments to receive a batch of BBC micro:bits as a teaching resource. As part of the BBC Make It Digital initiative, the idea was to inspire a new generation of young people to become digitally creative and to set them on the path to a possible career in technology, science or engineering.

The project was so successful that Mr Cousins decided to replicate it again this year with the current Year 7s.

Showing them how possible it is to create code within a 30-minute time frame, he took them through the necessary steps to download a programme of their own to the tiny computer.

Students rose to the challenge of programming the micro:bit’s five rows of LED lights to display individual letters and patterns on the screen.

Being able to code something simple and see the results instantly gave them an early taste of the programming world as well as the confidence to begin to express themselves digitally.

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