Reception class children celebrate their love of cafés.

Some of the students in Reception class love to visit our on-site Friends Café with their families at the end of the school day and they are always keen to talk about their experience there. To embrace the girls’ fondness for café culture, Mrs Thomas introduced it as a standalone topic this week.

The classroom role-play corner became a café with tables and chairs and menus listing the type and price of hot drinks and sandwich fillings available. The children played at being chefs and waitresses as they served each other pretend ice-creams and ticked off snack choices.   

The theme also gave them the perfect opportunity to visit the Friends Café for the first time during school hours to ask the staff some questions they had prepared.

Ellie, on duty, responded to queries about her uniform, how she made fruit smoothies and waffles and her main duties such as serving customers and keeping the café clean and tidy. The girls duly noted her answers, ready to implement some of the things they had learnt into their role-play. 

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