Academic Year 3

Year 3s take their Science learning outside.

In Michaelmas term, Year 3 students learnt about light, examining different sources and picking up scientific terms such as ‘opaque’, ‘transparent’ and ‘translucent’. Returning to the subject this term and giving it more depth, Mrs Olejnik decided to take the girls outside to give them first-hand knowledge of the science behind shadows.

With the sun shining brightly and half the school quad in shadow, they discussed how a shadow is made when an object blocks light and how the sun casts the longest shadows at the beginning and the end of the day when it is lowest in the sky.

Mrs Olejnik asked: ‘Would we be able to stand in the shadow of the Mother St Claire building at noon when the sun is at its highest?’ before encouraging the girls to draw the shadowy outline of the building on the quad in chalk.

Still outdoors, they played around with their own shadows, finding ways to make them as tall and then as small as possible to put the theory into practice.





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