Academic School Grounds

Year 2s study the type of habitat in which plants and animals live.

An exciting combination of classroom and out-of-doors work has given Pre Prep students the first of many glimpses into the world of habitats – their current Science topic. At their desks, the girls labelled the different parts of a flower with the correct scientific terminology, using words like stamen and carpel.

Aware of the process through which insects pollinate flowers, their learning then took them outside to look at a variety of habitats and, hopefully, find a selection of bugs and bees frequenting these spaces and even pollinating the flowers.  

With bug pots and brushes at the ready, the students carefully collected some of the tiny animals they were lucky enough to find in the flowering bushes outside their classroom. They also discussed the types of creatures they might find hidden in the grass, under stones and rotting wood, and among the trees in the school grounds.

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