Academic Year 12

Year 12 Physics students investigate Young’s Modulus.

A Level Physics students are required to undertake around 12 practical experiments as part of their course. The most recent has been to learn about the relationship between stress and strain in a material.

This involved them hanging two wires (a control and a variable) from the ceiling and testing their strength by attaching different weights to them and recording how much force they needed to apply before the wires broke.

With each 1kg or 0.5kg mass added, the students needed to take a new reading using a Vernier Scale to ascertain the extension of the wires and work out how much the solid material deformed with each added load.

To bring the experiment to a close, they plotted a graph to illustrate the results, showing mean extension against load. From the gradient of this graph, the girls could then see the emergence of a formula and calculate the Young’s Modulus for the material of the wire.




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