EYFS Nursery

Nursery boys and girls learn about the water cycle.

It’s been all about water this week in Nursery – the new topic for our youngest boys and girls. Together, they talked through the water cycle with reference to the big and bold classroom wall display for guidance.  

The children listened to instructions and drew their own pretty rainbows on the ground outside, taking care to draw curves and to use different chalks to represent the huge arch of colours.

Inside, they made pretty weather mobiles by suspending cotton wool clouds, sparkly raindrops and pictures of the sun and lightning from clothes hangers.

To end the week of weather-based activities, the children took great delight in participating in some water play with different sized and shaped containers to introduce them to the idea of ‘quantities’. They learnt about the concept of full and empty by filling and emptying their vessels with purple-coloured water. When they were neither full nor empty, they also figured out that they were half-full, or indeed, half-empty.


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