Academic Prep School

Children travel back in time to experience a typical school day in 1974.

The Year 3 and 4 ‘Cool Britannia’ topic in Creative Curriculum is really opening students’ eyes to day-to-day life in the time before the likes of mobile phones, emojis, digital cameras and manufactured boy bands.

This week, we rolled back the clock some 40-odd years to land in 1974, the year in which a trip for two to the cinema cost less than 90 pence and we saw the introduction of the bar code and the brain-teasing Rubik's Cube.

Prep School teachers transformed Miss Marum’s classroom into a place of study for Junior 1 (Year 3) and Junior 2 (Year 4), lining desks in long rows and discarding the modern-day accoutrements of an interactive whiteboard and a desktop computer.

Water bottles in class? Unheard of. Smelly pens and pencil cases? No such thing! The school day in this era began briskly with children chanting their times tables in a bid to learn them parrot-fashion.

Copying the protocol of the era, Mrs Macleod took the register in a book and the girls began their work on graph paper. They learnt how classes would normally number 40 students and that, if they didn’t go home for lunch, they would usually bring 60 pence in a tin for their dinners (lumpy mashed potato and gristle stew) for the week.

At other points during the day, the girls watched a BBC Zig Zag programme about refugees in World War II and they also tried their hand at sewing running stitches on Binca canvas to ultimately make into pretty bookmarks.




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