Academic Year 6

Students accelerate the growth of mould.

In Science lessons, Year 6s are now studying microorganisms and are beginning to understand the vices and virtues of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Some of them, like yeast and live yoghurt, are helpful and have health benefits. Others, such as salmonella, are harmful and disease-causing.

The girls discussed the importance of looking after food, making sure that it is fresh and properly cooked. Mrs Hall also asked them to investigate the conditions that cause mould, a type of microorganism, to grow on bread.

Using a plain loaf, fresh from the bakery, she gave the girls free rein to spread any substance or type of food on two slices each. Over the following five days, they checked on their specimens and observed any growth of mould. Did the presence of blue cheese or yoghurt accelerate decomposition? What effect did different types of butter and anti-bacterial washing up liquid have on the bread?

At the end of day five, students examined their samples and made a record of how the mould had developed and changed in colour, if at all. The results, they could then share with the rest of the class.






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