General School Grounds

Reception class learns the rules of the big girls’ playground.

After half-term, the girls in Reception will be allowed to play on the quad and have as much fun as they like running around the field and tackling the play equipment at lunch times.

Before they are given permission to enjoy the same privileges as the older students, though, they have had to learn a few basic rules.

Dr Shaw and Mrs Thomas gave them a taster session to see how well they responded to a new set of commands. Would they be able to keep within the boundaries and watch out for the lunchtime supervisor, and when the bell rang would they always run straight back to the quad to form an orderly queue?

Judging by their practice session, it looks like they’ll be giving the big girls a run for their money when it comes to obeying rules and regulations, and they are now looking forward to a new, and much bigger, playtime environment.

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