EYFS Music

Pre-Prep students get the opportunity to listen to and play the cello.

If visitors could hear the sound of sweet music emanating from the Claudine Thevenet wing this week, little would they have realised it was actually our Reception girls and Years 1 bowing the strings of a cello.

The Pre-Prep students were delighted to have a crash course in string playing, thanks to a visit by Mrs Scurr and Mrs Tollervey. Thornton’s peripatetic teachers introduced the girls to the bass instrument by explaining its different parts – head, neck, shoulders, body and bow – and their functions.

Even better, they put on a mini performance, including playing a reel and some popular tunes and scales, all the while encouraging the girls to listen for loud and quiet, fast and slow, and high and low notes.  

Students made a beeline for a smaller-sized cello to pluck and bow it for themselves – all with great success! We will be offering four group lessons after half-term with a view to interested students starting solo lessons in September.   

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