Music Year 4

Year 4s blur the lines between music and visual art.

How do you ’see’ music? How do you ‘paint’ sound? These were the questions Mrs Sherry put to her Year 4s in their Music lesson this week as she urged them to make the connection between visual art and music.

At the start, she asked students to work in groups to source and discuss any painting of their choosing. What could they see in their chosen images, what did the artwork say to them?

Encouraging the girls to keep tight hold of these thoughts, her next step was to produce a huge range of musical instruments from around the world. The girls could use as many as they wished with the ultimate aim of composing a piece of music that complemented their paintings.

With tambourines, maracas, rainsticks, drums and a thumb piano at their fingertips, the idea was to chop and change their instruments as many times as they needed to narrow down the sounds that best fitted the images.

How could the girls replicate the sound of clinking cups and saucers in a Van Gogh painting, for example, and what would be the best way of representing a boat through sound and demonstrating a stormy night as shown in a painting by Afremov?

‘Choose the right instrument for the right mood,’ Mrs Sherry advised students, ‘and choose the timbre very carefully to match the picture.’


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