Academic Year 5

Year 5s put themselves in the shoes of Sir David Attenborough.

Last week in Literacy, Year 5 students watched some television footage of Sir David Attenborough exploring the biological wonderland of the Galapagos Islands. In it, he focused on the marine iguana, a reptile found nowhere else in the entire world.  

The twist in the tail, though, was that Miss Ross muted the commentary. It fell to the girls, working in small groups, to supply their own words to complement the images. Like any commentator worth his or her salt, they had to cover all bases while standing in front of their peers and describe the creature in detail, talking about its habits and environment and how it had evolved.

Of course such a truly extraordinary animal also merited some amazing vocabulary – exciting verbs and interesting adverbs – as well as more technical words.

Giving the girls more pointers on how to deliver a great and well-timed speech, Miss Ross also advised them to consider volume and pace, to talk in the present tense, and to introduce pauses at relevant intervals.




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