Year 8 School Trip

Year 8s discover the wondrous plants and animals of the rainforest.

On Tuesday 16th May, the whole of Year 8 went to the Living Rainforest in Hampstead Norreys in Berkshire. This trip related to our Biome and Ecosystem topic that we have been covering for the past term.

Walking in, everyone was buzzing. We were divided by class into three groups and strongly advised to take off our jumpers and cardigans as a gush of hot, humid air hit us. It was a life-like simulation of a real rainforest! There were plants, monkeys, snakes, fish, and much more.

An animal that struck me as interesting was a Goeldi’s monkey from South America. It is one of the smallest monkeys in the world and we found it hiding under a canopy with the bamboo, no more than five meters away from the shrubs.                

Another fascinating animal we came across was a green tree python. It seemed to stay in the same position for the whole of the trip! It can be found in the canopy layer in Australia.

Yvonne, the tour guide, stopped at the plants section and passed around cocoa beans from the Amazon, Brazil, West Africa and Ecuador.

Sadly, our tour came to an end and we sat outside for a lovely lunch. After that, we had about 30 minutes’ free time. We were given competition sheets to complete by the end of the day. The winners would be awarded multi-coloured toy monkeys from the gift shop.

Report by Okezi O (Year 8)


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