Year 7s take their cue from nature to create wooden decorations.

Senior students are constantly picking up new design and technology skills and refining existing ones during their DT lessons with Miss Crawford.

Now that Year 7s have completed their mirrors with hooks (with considerable success) they’ve moved on to a brand-new project with a very different design brief. Their task, over the next few weeks, is to create a wooden decoration inspired by ‘nature in the garden’.

The girls sourced a stock of images of plants and animals and the natural world around them to create A4-sized collages. From these, they were able to narrow down their ideas to just one design and move to the next stage of creating paper templates.

This week, they began to cut out interior wood into these individual shapes (a cactus, cloud, ladybird and avocado among them).

They will be decorating their pieces with wood burning tools in subsequent lessons and will also be putting a wash on them as a final flourish.


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