Academic Nursery

Nursery children make clay snakes.

If any of the boys and girls in Nursery are keen to get a pet but want something a little different to the run-of-the-mill cat or dog, there are a few surprising animals they would now be allowed to own.

So began this week’s theme of unusual pets in Pre-Prep. The children talked about snakes and lizards and Mrs Kniebe introduced them to wild farmyard animals which could become pets. Together, they talked about the equipment, space and food they would need and the class also drew some of the animals mentioned.

In another hands-on activity, they enjoyed moulding and painting snakes from clay and they were on the edge of their seats as they watched a BAFTA-winning excerpt from Planet Earth II involving incredibly fast-moving snakes chasing down baby iguanas.

The information they are collecting about creatures like these in the natural world will stand them in good stead for their challenge at the end of the week – to create and draw their own imaginary pet.


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